Water for Animals

Violet doesn’t remember the peach tree in her front yard ever fruiting so early in the season.

Good Machines

Whether Artificial Intelligence helps or harms our lives will depend on the people behind the tech. Willamette is staking out ground as a leader in producing computer and data...

Imagine the Future of Work

The economies of France in 1919 and the U.S. in 2022 are quite different from each other. But the path to better working conditions may be the same.

We Need to Talk

Real conversation is beautiful, necessary, and within our reach. And learning to hear all sides is one of the most important skills each of us can develop.

Listening to grief

Few people know what to say after someone dies. But it turns out that finding the right words is not what matters.

The Mysteries of Siblinghood

She observed brothers and sisters from an anthropological distance—until she had children.

The Leaf Blower

The town in Oregon was named Pierce at first. But 150 years ago, Pierce was pronounced purse and then some heard peace in purse. By the time it was...
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